Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Veet Fast Acting Gel Cream Hair Removal with Essential Oils and Velvet Rose Scent

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Well, I just used up my bottle after two months? Three? I don't know. But I decided to post a couple of reviews to keep you over while I'm gone the next couple of days.

So, I was at CVS, my haunt of choice haha, going to get razors when a thing of beauty popped out at me. A sale. Insert the Hallelujah chorus right there. I'm lazy by nature. I mean, I'm the laziest person you will ever meet, hands down. So any chance to sit around and do nothing and have a product cut time in half for me is a good chance I'll take.

So, I picked it up. I've been using it ever since. The first time, I hadn't shaved in a good two weeks. Disgusting, right? So the cream didn't work as well as it should. I left it on for the max 6 minutes, and ended up having to do a quick shave afterwards. But I wasn't going to just let it sit in my bathroom.

The second time I used it, which was a week after and when hair started to rear it's ugly head again, it worked as it should. I left it on for three minutes, checked a spot, and was good to go.

Now, I didn't use the bladeless razor they give you. I used a wet washcloth and removed it by rubbing circles to rid myself of the hair and cream. I found that quicker and more effective.

The downside is the smell. Now, maybe I'm just not used to hair removal cream smells, but it wasn't very good. Bearable, but next time I'll definitely try for a lighter scented one, or even unscented if they offer it.

Would I repurchase it? ;; Maybe
 Where you can buy it ;; Your local drugstore.
Normal Price ;; $10.99

This review is independent and in no way shape or form affiliated with RBI.

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