Sunday, December 23, 2012

One Natural Shea Butter Lip Balm in Berry Delicious

Remember those One products I was raving about? The scrumptious smelling sugar scrub and humongous face mask freebie? Guess what. I got another freebie. That's right, my free lip balm (with proof of purchase and online survey ) came in! You can only imagine how excited I was when I got the mail before work today and saw this along with my Aveeno shampoo samples come in.

It came in another one of their recyclable tins, this time a tiny one. The packaging is so cute. I seriously adore it. And the smell? Oh goodness it's seriously delicious. It smells like strawberries and makes my mouth water.

As for the product itself, it's a tin lip balm, something I'm not the biggest fan of. I don't exactly like having to dip my finger in and apply it that way, since the balms are either too soft and go everywhere or too hard and don't melt at all. Luckily, this one melts, it just takes a little bit to get the right amount of product out. It also tends to go on a bit watery, not unlike another popular brand lip balm I use, but it's still a bit of a let down in application.

It also doesn't seem to last long on my lips. Perhaps because of the season changes and my lips becoming super dried out, but it's still a bit of a disappointment. Not that I can complain, I would gladly open the tin up just to smell it. I'm seriously addicted to the scent of their products! Plus, it leaves my lips nice and glossy.

All in all, a good little lip balm, and for the pretty price tag, I'm willing to swing a couple bucks One's way to purchase it.

Would I repurchase it? ;; Yes
 Where you can buy it ;;  One Bath and Body
Normal Price ;; $2.99

This review is independent and in no way shape or form affiliated with One Bath and Body.

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