Monday, December 10, 2012

ONE Natural Sugar Scrub in Sun Drenched Lemon ;; The Adventure Continues!

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So, the last week flew by, and finally it was time to try this thing of beauty. Well, I'd used it on my feet a couple of times, but it was time to use it on my arms and legs.

I adore the scent of lemons. Maybe it's just because I find it to be a clean, crisp scent. Immediately, when I opened it, I fell in love with the smell. I could sit there with my nose to the container all day. But, I had work, and if I sat there all day, I would get nothing done.

The scrub itself is nice. It's fully mixed, so none of the oils sit on top while the sugar scrub settles to the bottom. There was no mixing I had to do, which is a plus from my lazy side.

It was very abrasive, which I enjoy in my scrubs. I felt like it worked well, and best of all, most of it DIDN'T end up on the bottom of my tub because it would fall off of my skin. It all stayed. There was no deadly gauntlet in my tub, or risk of falling. Once it all rinsed off, it also revealed very smooth, soft skin. Another plus. Also, once it's empty, I'm going to reuse the tin as a tiny storage container. Yay recycling.

I'm still going to explore other body scrubs, but this one is getting a giant gold star from me.

Would I repurchase it? ;; Yes
 Where you can buy it ;; Target, Ulta, One Bath and Body
Normal Price ;; $9.99 - $10.99

This review is independent and in no way shape or form affiliated with One Bath and Body.

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