Saturday, December 29, 2012

Avon Bubble Delight Bubble Bath in Soft Pink

Image courtesy of Avon
What day of trying to relax and pampering yourself would be complete without a nice, long bubble bath?

When my sister came home with us from Fort Wayne to Columbus for a couple days, she brought with her the tiny bubble bath she'd gotten from an aunt of ours. On accident, or on purpose -- she knew I wanted it -- it got left behind, and after a text, I got the a-okay to use it!

Let's start with the smell. It smelled. . . really kind of gross. Like flowers dipped in chemicals and alcohol. Not pleasant at all. It faded quickly, though, so it was easy enough to overlook. I will admit to squirting in some of their body wash for added scent, though it's not very pleasing either.

The bubbles, though! SO MANY BUBBLES. I couldn't fill the tub past half way for fear they'd start to spill out. Not that I minded very much, I don't usually fill the tub to full.

I would have loved to soak in this some more, but alas, my kitten was screaming at the door and I only got perhaps twenty minutes tops. Not something I would buy for myself -- I'd like a pretty smelling bubble bath, please -- but it did the job, and helped calm me down for even that mere twenty minutes.

NOTE : Soft Pink appears to have been discontinued. Not that I really care, as I hated the scent, but that just shows me that my aunt hoarded them and probably threw them into the bag last minute. What a shame.

Would I repurchase it? ;; No.
 Where you can buy it ;; Avon
Normal Price ;; Discontinued

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