Monday, December 17, 2012

Benefit Bella Bamba

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Let me start off by saying I'm not a big fan of blush. I never really wore it save for show choir. Recently, though, I've taken to wearing a light amount of it every day. And Bella Bamba is perfect for that.

It's sheer, so much so that sometimes, despite my super pale skin, it doesn't show up. I am alright with it when that happens, as well as when it's visible. It gives my cheeks a subtle, healthy glow to them. Best of all, it doesn't look weird or out of place at all. It looks natural.

The only downside to the trial size I got is it's flimsy, and I feel like the top is going to snap off if I use it too much, so I have to handle it with care. Plus it's messy and gets everywhere.

Trial Size
Swatched on bare skin.

Would I repurchase it? ;; Yes
 Where you can buy it ;; Benefit Cosmetics
Normal Price ;; $28.00

This review is independent and in no way shape or form affiliated with Benefit Cosmetics LLC.

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