Thursday, November 29, 2012

The glasses I'm getting!

Well, since my dumb laptop ate the SD card -- admittedly my fault -- I don't get to post the pictures of my drugstore haul. I'm also going shopping tomorrow (yay for coupons) so we'll see if I end up with anything tomorrow.

Anyways, the eye exam took two and a half hours, because I told them I was getting horrible headaches lately. My prescription went up, too. Boo. Oh well. I get my glasses in two weeks.

These! Nautica N8059 in Jet Black. Yes, they're men's frames, but I adore large frame glasses. They actually look really good -- you'll have pictures when they come in. And for the price I paid at the School of Optometry versus what it would be for a shop in the mall, I am completely alright with waiting.

What do you think?

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